Whole Cakes

Mille Crepe
X-Large 2.0kg RM155.00
Large 1.5kg RM120.00
Regular 1.0kg RM90.00
Cheese Cake
Large RM120.00
Mille Sponge
Large RM120.00
Optional Toppings
X-Large RM20.00
Large RM14.00
Regular RM12.00


Mille Crepe RM10.90
Cheese Cake RM10.90
Mille Sponge RM10.90
Eclairs RM10.90
Flutters (2 pieces) RM8.90
Cup Cakes RM6.90


Coffee (Hot & Cold)
Espresso RM6.90
Doppio RM8.90
Cappuccino RM10.90
Café Latte RM10.90
Café Mocha RM11.90
Long Black RM8.90
Tea (Hot & Cold)
Chamomile RM7.90
Darjeeling RM7.90
Earl Grey RM7.90
English Breakfast RM7.90
Green Tea RM7.90
Jasmine Green RM7.90
Chocolate (Hot & Cold) RM11.90
Humble Beginnings Specials
Raspberry French Vanilla Tea RM9.90
Raspberry Blackberry Tea RM9.90
Passion Fruit Cucumber Tea RM9.90
Passion Fruit Lychee Tea RM9.90
Iced Mocha with French Vanilla Cream RM9.90
Iced Mocha with Swiss Chocolate Cream RM9.90
Iced Mocha with Oreo’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream RM9.90
Humble Beginnings Sodas
Raspberry Vanilla Soda RM8.90
Raspberry Blackberry Soda RM8.90
Passion Fruit with Cucumber Soda RM8.90
Passion Fruit with Lychee Soda RM8.90
Evian RM6.90
Snapple RM10.90

All prices are not inclusive of GST and Service Charges