• ‘I love crepes and you’ve made my love even bigger. Fantastically delicious!’ – Edwin, Actor, Instant Cafe
  • ‘I am not really a cake person. When I first tasted the cake I thought it is going to be like any other cakes. To my surprise, the texure was smooth, tasty and not too rich!’ – Suresh Kumar, Branch Manager, foreign/overseas bank
  • ‘Much better than my hotels’ pastry chef.’ – Hotelier, 5 Star Hotel, KL (requested to be anonymous for obvious reasons)
  • ‘Humble Beginnings Mille crepe … an addictive sensual delight that stirred and flourished in the core of my emotion. A must-have for those in courtship. It melts your lover into your hand … hehehehe’ – Kevin Lim
  • ‘The Best!!!’ – Man Kidal, Malaysian Legend, guitarist
  • ‘The Best Cakes in the World! I promise.’ – Petrina Er, Marketing Manager, Epic Evolution
  • ‘Uniquely delicious! Can’t have enough!’ – TW Chua, Dealer Principal, Cycle & Carriage Bintang Berhad (JB)
  • ‘Yummy! So absolutely delicious!’ – Evelyn, Financial Planner
  • ‘Your cakes make people happy!’ – Francis
  • ‘Fuyooooh!!!’ – JB Lawyer
  • ‘Your delivery service actually saves my time.’ – Pang
  • ‘The best cake in JB. Will recommend to all my friends.’ – Susan Choo, Regional Director, BNI Malaysia
  • ‘Wonderful Cakes!’ – Aaron Aussie, Director, Flexzoom Optical
  • ‘A fascinating cake that I will continue to order.’ – Dennis Lim, Director, Highland Landscapes
  • ‘High in quality, prices are reasonable. Will stop buying from other shops.’ – Haji Amin, Owner, Dynamic Paintball
  • ‘Think we finished it in minutes. It’s that GOOD!!!’ – Rizal Syah, Head of Service, Federal Auto (Volvo) JB
  • The first bite of French Vanilla is Breathtakingly Lush … The second bite makes you want to eat more. You can feel the freshness of each layer … Absolutely a MUST TRY!!! – Farhanna Nazaruddin, IRDA, Menara Sarawak
  • ‘You’ll make me fat, I cannot stop eating this cake.’ – Carene
  • ‘This is the best of the best cake I have ever eaten.’ – Ms CW Lim, Sunway College
  • ‘The cake is simply sumptuous.’ – Jessica, Owner, Lommi Lommi
  • ‘Sweet seduction … every layer reveals a whimsical surprise and every bite is sinfully divine. Just taste & share it to believe it.’ – Melanie Cheong, avid dessert connoisseur
  • ‘Sinful delight but definitely a ticket to heaven.’ – Reen, student, Sunway College
  • ‘Simply satisfying at all levels.’ – Pamela, student
  • ‘Wonderful! Delicious! You better try it now!’ – Nicholas, student
  • ‘The best so far!’ – May, Befrienders

Unforgetable Birthday *Humble Beginning*

Aug 08, 2012 by Ler ^0^ Travel Diary

YES that is call heaven. Frozen mile crepe taste so much nicer.... the crepe texture was soft yet the cream blend in well. at some point i thought i am eating oreo ice cream cake.


mille crepe

Aug 08, 2012 by escape 2

i have just had the most sinfully rich piece of crepe ever! and it is not only one piece, but 20 layers of crepes layered with fresh cream, peanut butter and blueberry sauce. i am definitely not having anything else for dinner. i am so full!


Review of Mille Crepe

Aug 08, 2012 by cheechin

the taste, the moist, the smoothness and the creaminess are all there.And it is all in balance. Additional point, it is much more solid and will not be lembik and easy to take it for travel


Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe

Aug 08, 2012 by Fondue of Life

Each mouthful was sinfully delicious. I guess what makes this cream cake more bearable and better for me than the rest is the fact that amidst all those cream, there's those crunchy layers and caramelized top which doesn't make me feel like I'm eating all cream only if that makes sense. Well, I think this is something definitely worth a try to satisfy the sweet tooth. :)


Solely Food!

Aug 08, 2012 by CUPCAKEbliss

Whatever the description says, these are to-die-for. Beats any normal cakes in the world. We had two of these that night!


Humble Beginnings , Malaysia 5.0 5.0 5 5 YES that is call heaven. Frozen mile crepe taste so much nicer.... the crepe texture was soft yet the cream blend in well. at some point i thought i am eating oreo ice cream cake.

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